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Truffles, Chocolates, Bonbon's...what is the difference?

Truffles typically have a soft moldable filling like a ganache, and a chocolate coating of some sort.  It could be coated in cocoa powder,


Popular Favor Fillers:

Here is our list of over 60 great favor ideas that can be used for weddings, showers, parties and many other events.  Some you can make yourself, if so inclined, or you may prefer to purchase items that are pre-made from your local retailers ...


Protocol for Corporate and Business Gift Giving:

Another holiday season is here, and with it comes the inevitable, daunting uncertainty: What to do about holiday gifts? Business gift giving always presents a challenge. Corporate downsizing and belt-tightening have affected discretionary budgets into which gifts often fall, making the questio...


Elastic Loops and Stretch Loops:

What’s the difference between elastic loops and stretch loops?


Drawstring Organza Bags:

We get regular calls about how to fit items in an organza bag.  We always advise our customer purchase a size larger than what “just fits”.  Why purchase a size larger than necessary? Usually the larger size is necessary for the bag to close properly and not make it look like you skimped or risk the drawstring not closing properly.


Solid Colored Tissue Papers:

Pair up a light and a dark solid colored tissue paper for classic drama, here are some of our favorites:


Candy Guide:

We have put together a measurement guide using many of the common candy fillers.  When trying to economize use a larger candy such as Fruit Slices or Saltwater Taffy when filling your bags and boxes.  If you are using a small candy filler, such as Gourmet Jelly Beans or M & M’s, choose a small size box or bag.  Whatever your edible filler is choose your container to accommodate your budget, theme and fill.