All IN-STOCK products will ship within an estimated 2-3 business days and arrive to domestic addresses in an estimated 4-10 business days, depending on method shipped. We use USPS Priority Post as our preferred shipping method. If you would like a different method, please email us at to make other arrangements. Orders received after 4pm PST or on weekends will be viewed the next business day (Monday-Friday).

How can I save money on shipping charges? Order the maximum product in the ship rate category. For example, if you order $3.00 worth of product it will cost $6.20 to ship. If you order the maximum product allowed , say $9.95, you will be getting more product for the same shipping cost of $6.20. Priority Post begins at the 1 lb rate.


DOMESTIC: (orders inside the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska, paid in US dollars) are shipped via USPS Priority Post. Please allow 7 to 14 business days (Monday-Friday) for your order to arrive. We use a flat rate shipping method based on "cost of goods purchased" before tax and shipping charges. Pricing as follows:

  • up to $10.00 = $6.20
  • up to $20.00 = $10.99
  • up to $30.00 = $15.00
  • up to $40.00 = $17.00
  • up to $50.00 = $22.00
  • up to $60.00 = $27.00
  • up to $100.00 = $32.00
  • up to $200.00 = $44.00
  • up to $300.00 = $54.00
  • up to $500.00 = $108.00 **

For orders over $500.00 ** please contact for shipping rates.

A nominal $2.00 handling maybe charged on pick-up orders.

INTERNATIONAL: (orders outside the USA) All accounts will be charged in US Dollars and we will ship your products the most cost effect method available to us, usually USPS (United States Postal Service). Shipping times will vary. Please contact us for instructions and shipping rates which will vary depending upon the weight and destination of your order.

Please contact for any international shipping rates and questions.

NOTE: During some month's storms, weather conditions and disasters can affect our shipping times. These are conditions beyond our control and we thank you for your patience. Our estimated shipping times can be inaccurate during these difficult times. Although you may not have a storm in your area we ship product in from all over the nation, and we ship out around the world. The shipping companies may have to travel through storm and/or disaster affected areas, which will affect us all.