Ribbon Shredder

Our ribbon shredder is an invaluable tool when it comes to personalizing and enhancing economy ribbons such as non-woven craft ribbon and ribbons for gift boxes, favor boxes and gift bags.  This ribbon shredder is easy to use and made from hard durable plastic.  Each end creates shreds of a different width. We have been using  the same ribbon shredder in our studio for years and we still love it!  It makes the ever so humble curling ribbon transform into a beautiful wedding ribbon.  Keep at least one of these gift packaging tools on hand , or maybe two, just in case you know who sneaks yours away.  

The Ribbon Shredder comes with a fine tooth side and a medium tooth side. You simply slip your length of ribbon between the teeth of the ribbon shredder, apply pressure to the top and bottom of the teeth and pull it down the length of your ribbon. This creates fine tendrils of ribbon that you can then curl by running the blade of your scissors down the tendrils making a lovely tussle of fine ribbon shreds.

Have you ever wondered how professional decorators and florist make that nest of fine shredded ribbon that they nestle a pre-made bow into. All you need is a Ribbon Shredder and complimentary or matching ribbons cut it into lengths at least 3 to 4 inches longer than your bow is wide, hold the ribbons in the center between your thumb and finger then shred each end. Repeat this technique with as many pieces of ribbon as you would like then glue this little bundle of shredded ribbon to your package and place your bow into the center of this happy jumble of ribbon shreds.

Another simple technique is to tie a handful of curling ribbon on the handle of your gift bag, shred the ribbons and then slide your scissors down the fine tendrils this is our simplest dress-up technique, but a favorite, to use on any of our gift and favor bags with twisted paper handles.

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Ribbon Shredder


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Ribbon shredders are easy to use and make poly ribbons more decorative. Shredders will work on all poly ribbon and most other non-fabric ribbons. Sold individually. Use for gift packaging, favor packaging decor and floral design.