Custom Color Matching


    at Ribbons and Favors



   We understand that sometimes it is vital that your favor packaging and gift packaging matches, coordinates or is in the same hues or color tones as your decor, or project.  Ribbons and Favors would like to help you with that.  We have many shades of beautiful blues, reds, yellows, pinks and....well.... the list could go on and on.  But suppose you need a particular shade of turquoise that you have already committed to.  How do you choose from all the pretty colors that look close on


Perhaps you are just looking for the best yellow - turquoise combination, or maybe shades that are lighter or darker than your base color will look great so you just need it in the same hue or tone as your base color.


You simply:

1. Drop us an email at and let us know that you are sending a swatch for color matching. 


2. Tell us what Ribbons and Favors product(s) you are looking for a match with, and if you want an exact match, a close match, a coordinating color or the same tone.


3. Drop your sample color swatch in the mail to us at,

Ribbons and Favors

PO Box 1613

Ferndale, WA  98248



We will be in touch with you via email to give you our recommendations.  So simple and so FREE!


Helpful hints.

~ We can only color match products that we have in stock.

~ A simple place to get a swatch to send us is your local paint store.  Pick up a color check in the color(s) that you need.

~ We don't return your sample color swatch.

~ Why do we need a physical sample?  Color monitors all show color differently and we would like to get your color match information correct for you.

~ Be patient and allow a couple of weeks (International may take longer). This process takes a little time but is worth every minute to get the right colored product.  


We look forward to helping you with your color matching needs.  Custom Color Matching is a free service.




I love that this service is here. I needed a perfect match for my wedding favors. I used their idea of a paint sample to send... I received the perfect colors. Thank You Ribbons and Favors.